* What’s Tazabazar?

It’s a part of the Samani Darya company parts. Its job is buying various legal items from (1688 & Taobao) applications via Tazabazar system.

* Where’s your offices?

Now, it has two offices which is one of them is in Erbil city in Iraq and the other is in Guangzhou city in China.

* How it works?

1. First of all, you must have registered yourself in Samani Darya website in Tazabazar part and the account must be accepted by the admin of Tazabazar.
2. From the top, press the guide button and choose New Order, fill the information all and then click on the Order button. Your request place to waiting section and it can be done either have enough balance or not. Within 12 hours, the request place into Pending section.
3. If you want to place the order while it’s placed on continue section then you must have enough balance to do it with China office.
4. To add balance into your account, you can visit us or send money via money transfer offices or fast pay. After receiving the money, your account charges so as you can get acceptance to your request.
5. After confirmed, your request will be bought within 24 hours and place into Purchased section.
6. Tazabazar gives 7-10 days to your seller to send your items to Tazabazar office in China and your request place into Arrived China Office. If the seller couldn’t deliver the items within the time, the order will be cancelled and the money returns to your account and the request place into Canceled and Refunded section and the payment is refund it.
7. After delivering, the request place into Shipped section and that is either Air or Sea arriving.
8. After arriving Erbil office, the request place into Arrived Erbil Office section.
9. Erbil office prepare the arriving items and the request place into Ready for Pickup section.
10. Finally, the request place into Delivered section after you receive your items.

* Is the price in the Proceed section, it’s final price to Erbil office?

- No, the price is the price to China office. The price to Erbil office is calculates after arriving to Erbil office.

* What types of account does Tazabazar have?

- Three types are available (Silver – Gold – Platinum)

Silver: those who buy the items themselves and the money charge is higher than Gold.
Gold: For those who do online marketing and the charge is cheaper than Silver.
Platinum: Those who do too much online marketing, spending money got more than 40000 $ in Tazabazar and the charging is cheaper than Silver and Gold accounts.

*How does the RMB counts?

- It’s according to daily Erbil Borse.

* How to cancel my order?

- If the order is not placed into Purchased section then you can call us to cancel it by ourselves.

* Can I charge my account and use them later?

- Yes, you can use it whenever you need the money and you can watch all of what you have done in my orders section.

* Can I receive my money back in the account?

- Yes, you can. Just inform us within 24 hours of working.

* What if I forget my password?

Should ask for forget my password by clicking on Forgot My Password section and a new password will be sent to your email. You can open your account with the new password.

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